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About Colour Pigment

The primary colors of pigment are
Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Black and Brown.
(Commonly Simplified as Red, Yellow, and Blue)
Pigments are chemicals that absorb selective
wavelengths—they prevent certain wavelengths of
light from being transmitted or reflected.

Who is Sparrow?

Sparrow is Trade Mark Of The Sanju Color pigments (Pvt) Ltd . Sparrow was found in 1995.Our sole focus is Pigments. Sparrow with sources that consistently offer superior quality and excellent value. We shop the world, sourcing pigments from dozens of factories in Sri Lanka to bring you the most comprehensive pigment line available. We are the largest importer of Organic pigments In Sri Lanka. Sparrow earned customers’ highest rating. Our customers like what we offer.


Pigment Products

Holland Red(614B)

Holland Yellow(301)
Holland Blue(466)

Holland Green(805)

Others Products

Pigments from "Sparrow"

Sparrow has been dedicated to serving pigment consuming industries since 1995. Our employees are come from pigment manufacturing backgrounds and have expert technical knowledge to help you with your pigment requirements .

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    • Price leader of the pigment industry 

    • Eco Friendly Products 

    Our Team

    S D K D Chandana

    S D K D Chandana

    Chairman/Managing Director

    Krishanthi Galabadage

    Krishanthi Galabadage

    Alternative Director

    Jagath Chari

    Jagath Chari

    Sales Manager

    Vidyani Danister

    Vidyani Danister


    2000+ Satisfied Customers

    “Sparrow is well known to me for the past 15 years.
    They are the one of  best Pigments & Other
    Accessories supplier for Us.”

    Upul Hardware Peradeniya

    “Sparrow is  best supplier of us since 2005 Sparrow products  have highly demand In pigment Industry it is a reason for our long time relationship.”

    Samantha Hardware

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    Sanju Colour pigment (Pvt)Ltd

    No.73.Ragama Road, Kandana,Sri Lanka

    +94 11 2245621

    +94 718684021

    +94 112233655



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